The Neighborhood

vibrant and creative business community

Mississippi Avenue has grown into an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, professionals, cafes, clothing boutiques, restaurants, music venues and retail stores only unique to Portland. The energy in the tight-knit community is magnetic, attracting the local community, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods of Portland to visit the easy-to-access historic avenue.


transit-friendly, both past and present

Mississippi Avenue is located within the Boise Neighborhood. Comprised of residences, schools, parks, and businesses, the community has always enjoyed the ability to travel from one part of the city to the other with the help of public transit, close freeways, and major bike routes. The Max Lightrail and I-5 freeway is located just 1/2 mile to the west, while the Williams and Vancouver major bike routes are just 1/2 mile to the east. Mississippi Avenue itself is home to the 4 Bus Route.