Numiss and LEED Platinum

the path to a healthier work environment

Numiss was designed and built to minimally impact our planet. With a LEED Platinum certification, the building boasts a life of energy efficiency and environmental consciousness. Demolition of the old site, a piece of the LEED Platinum puzzle, was recycled in order to divert old building debris from entering our landfills. After demolition, our future carbon footprint begins to take shape. A 5kW solar panel system on the roof helps off-set the building’s energy usage. Stormwater planters in the front of the building collect all of our rain water, helping to keep our rivers pristine. An extremely energy efficient HVAC system calls for minimal energy usage. Local FSC Certified wood used throughout construction keeps our local forests intact and thriving. These are just a few aspects of LEED Platinum certification. The end result is one of the first office buildings in Portland, Oregon to achieve such a certification.

efficient office spaces for small to medium businesses

Office spaces at Numiss enjoy an open floor plan and an abundance of windows. Unit sizes range from 300 to 1,200 square feet. Given the superior construction of the building, energy bills will forever be low. Whether an entrepreneur or a solidified business, you will like calling Numiss home!